Emma Richards Studio
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About Me


It all started when…

As a child I spent part of my school breaks helping my aunt in the art-room at the school where she taught. She used to introduce me as her assistant for the day, and always said expressly to the class that I loved no place as much as the art-room. Though I’d blush, it was entirely true.

I grew up in Maine, in the eastern USA, in a very small town. When I was old enough I moved ‘to the city’ and received my BFA in ceramics from The Maine College of Art in 2017. I adored working in fine art and ceramics, but there was something else. Children’s psychology and my own childhood was always the center of my work, but it wasn’t enough to just make work about childhood, I wanted to make work for children too. So, shortly after graduating, my passion took me to Högskolan för Design och Konsthantverk in Gothenburg, Sweden to get my MFA in the experimental field of Child Culture Design, which I received in 2019. During my student years abroad, I fell in love with Sweden and it’s long history of progressive children’s rights, so I decided to stay. I now operate out of Sweden though I have had projects in Poland, Estonia, and the USA as well, so I am open to, and experienced with, international work.