About Emma Richards

In 2017, Emma Richards received a BFA in Ceramics from the Maine College of Art, Portland, Maine. Emma works primarily in figure sculpture for which she employs a combination of traditional ceramic techniques and multimedia surfacing. She also works in various two dimensional mediums such as pen and ink.

Her greatest inspiration comes from children and her own childhood. This drives her to create not only conceptual sculpture exploring childhood, but also illustrations and functional children’s products.

As of Autumn of 2017, she started her graduate studies in Child Culture design at HDK Högskolan för Design och Konsthantverk in Gothenburg Sweden.

Through all her work, functional and nonfunctional, there is a pervasive style. This style is inspired by numerous sources, some of which include Japanese pop culture, ancient Olmec figures, western cartoons, American Folk Art, ancient Mayan illustrations, and Chinese calligraphy and ink paintings.