Emma Richards Studio
Children's Activity Design. Illustration. Sculpture

Spatial+Sensory Workshops


Note: All Workshop options can be tailored to a particular event, lesson, holiday, or age-group with the instruction of the commissioner. Custom workshops can also be commissioned.


If I Could/If I were Workshops

These are activities that involve participants thinking hypothetically or abstractly about themselves, or a scenario. Whether the kids are wondering “what if I were king of an island” or “what if I myself were an island,” they are exploring ideas about themselves and the world.


Transform the Space workshops

Young people are told to be respectful of strict boundaries, which is absolutely fine and good— but these workshops invite kids to change up a space and make new experiences within it. They are rare oppurtunities to cause some harmless disruption of the daily flow and use material and space differently.


Sensory workshops

Sensory play is something humans engage in from our earliest days and onward. Senses make up our perception, so playing with senses can help us stretch and shape our perception while having fun at the same time.