Emma Richards Studio
Children's Activity Design. Illustration. Sculpture

Workshop Applicatons

Curriculum Supplement

Activities for children that involve art and crafting methods can be a welcomed change of pace in the otherwise usual school day. Applying knowledge they’ve learned about a subject– like history, mythology, math, or biology– to a creative endeavor is a way to help the information stay in their mind. Working constructively and creatively can also reach children who may have particular difficulties with ‘traditional’ learning methods. I for one, being dyslexic, know how helpful art and craft activities were in my own education. Workshops I offer can be tweaked to fit existing lessons, or I can even design a bespoke activity for an institution or pedagog’s needs.

Creative Enrichment

We live in a time where children’s artistic and expressive development is in danger of being put aside in favor of quantifiable grades and measurable achievement. Yet, there is also a thriving counter movement to this devaluing of the arts, a movement which I consider my work to part of. Art, craft, and design are some of the strongest pillars of human culture and I see children as the creators of culture. Though adults develop things for children, it is what they (the next generation of influencers) latch onto and make their own which survives the test of time. I seek to show that creative goals go hand in hand with goals of knowledge and emotional development, while also holding intrinsic value in their own right.

Therapeutic Possibilities

Art therapy and Play therapy are not new concepts and they are fields of great possibilities for young minds and bodies that are hurting or require a little extra attention. Creation and play are languages all their own which can be used to communicate what words alone sometimes can't. Abstract concepts can be made more concrete and physical through these languages. While my activities are not expressly designed to be used in a therapeutic context, with the help of certified play therapists and children’s psychologists they can be adapted. Previously, I myself have adapted a workshop in collaboration with The Queen Silvia Children’s and Youth hospital of Gothenburg. I am 100% open to collaborating with healthcare professionals.